Education Technology

Correlation Coefficient Lab

Activity Overview

Students will learn the meaning of the correlation coefficient, find the regression equation and use it to make predictions.

Before the Activity

First discuss the meaning of the correlation coefficient and give some examples of positive correlation, negative correlation and no correlation.

Then conduct the Find a Friend Activity. All instructions for conducting the activity are included in the Find a Friend Activity document.

During the Activity

Next have students do the Correlation Coefficient Lab. Give students a copy of the lab activity. Set up the activity center in TI-Navigator™ to collect student data. You will need to configure the lists so that you have 4 lists, group the data as a data set and students start with empty lists.

Once you have collected all the data from the students, stop that activity. To send the compiled data to the class,reconfigure the lists so that students start with existing lists.

After the Activity

Once students have completed the lab activity, send the class the LearningCheck™ document to assess their learning.