Education Technology

Points, Lines and Slopes (Oh My!)

Activity Overview

In this activity students will explore the relationship between coordinates of points and locations on the coordinate plane, the relationships of lines with their equations, slopes and y-intercepts, and lastly, the slopes of parallel and perpendicular lines.

Key Steps

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    Students use the Perpendicular tool to construct perpendiculars through point P to each axis. They then measure the length of each segment using the D. & Length tool from the Measurement menu.

    Students can drag point P and conjecture about the distances and the coordinates.

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    Students place and label points P and Q anywhere in the coordinate system. Then, they label the coordinates of each point.

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    In the file PARALLEL, students are given two parallel lines, their equations, and their slopes.

    Students will explore the relationships of parallel lines and slopes while they drag the original line by one of its defining points, P or Q.