Education Technology

Burger Data - Analyzing calories, fat and sodium

Activity Overview

Students will explore nutritional information for several fast food hamburgers using statistical applications. This exploration involves analyzing calories, fat, and sodium content of several popular fast food hamburgers. The data will be used to general box-and-whisker plots, which help students comprehend the data. Students will be asked questions relating to consumption and choices regarding fast food hamburgers. This activity could easily be extended.

Before the Activity

Load the burgers.tns file onto all student calculators. The burgert.tns file is for the teacher to be able to view the results the students should obtain as they work through this activity.

A worksheet file, burgerws, is also available with this activity.

During the Activity

Monitor student work. Have students answer related questions either on the handheld, or on the attached worksheet.

After the Activity

Similar investigations with data may follow. Students could gather data of interest to them and generate similar plots and related questions.