Education Technology

Connecting Algebra 2 to Statistics

Activity Overview

Once students learn how to solve exponential and logarithmic equations, the students can take data and decide if an appropriate model is exponential. This activity will require students to create scatterplots and to have the knowlegde of the relationship being linear or nonlinear. This activity takes about 90 minutes if the tns.document has not been preloaded on the students' handhelds.

Before the Activity

The teacher can send the TI-Nspire document from handheld to handheld or use the connect to class software. There is also a solutions document.

During the Activity

Before beginning this activity, make sure you have fully completed it on your own. This activity connects the topic of "Transforming Data to Achieve Linearity" taught in AP Statistics to what students have just learned in Algebra 2. Great for an Honors Algebra 2 class.

After the Activity

After the students have worked through Problem 1, Problems 2 and 3 can be done independently, in pairs during class if time is left, or as homework.