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Resources for this module

Find videos, documents and calculator files (as needed) to aid in your teaching of questions found
on the AP® Calculus exam.


The videos below are divided into two sections: resource and technology. In the resource video, you’ll find information on scoring, solutions and common errors in the released free-response question. The technology videos show the tech solutions available using your graphing calculator.

Resource Videos

This video presents typical scoring guidelines, solutions and common errors associated with specific parts of the 2022 AP® Calculus exam. The detailed solutions emphasize the AP® Calculus mathematical practices and skills and include a reasonable expectation of how each would be scored.

2022 AP® Calculus AB2 Scoring Guidelines and Solutions

Free-response question AB2 involves the area of a region enclosed by graphs, whether the distance is increasing or decreasing, the volume of a solid, and a calculation of the rate of change over time.

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Technology Videos

Free-response questions with graphically presented functions have appeared regularly on AP® exams (both AB and BC) over the last 20 years. Analyze functions using graphical information on Texas Instruments graphing calculators with examples from the 2022 AP® Calculus AB exam.

Area, Distance and Volume on the TI-Nspire™ CX Graphing Calculator

This video illustrates how you can define, analyze and evaluate functions on a TI-Nspire™ CX graphing calculator Notes page. The 2022 AB2 problem is used to show the strategy.

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Area, Distance and Volume on the TI-84 Plus CE Graphing Calculator

This video illustrates how you can store results and use them in evaluation of functions on a TI-84 Plus CE graphing calculator. The 2022 AB2 problem is used to show the strategy.

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The “PDF slides” zip file contains slides of all the resource videos referenced above. If any calculator files are needed, they will also be available.

Calculus units

Content in this question aligns well with the AP® Calculus units 4 and 8.

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