Education Technology

Writing linear equations to form shapes

Activity Overview

Students use their knowledge about writing linear equations to graph lines that form a given shape.

Before the Activity

This is a cooperative group activity. Students can work in pairs or groups of four. Use this lesson as a review or as extra practice after a lesson about writing linear equations. Students also need to know definitions for triangle types and quadrilaterals.

During the Activity

1) Give students a shape and tell them to use lines to form the shape. See word document of a list a shapes and one possible solution. 2) Students work together to graph linear equations that will make the shape. 3) Once students are finished(a time limit may need to be set), do a screen capture and look at everyone?s graphs. 4) Compare the pictures. Discuss any wrong answers. Discuss what type of lines had to be used to form specific shapes.(Example: for a right triangle, students have to graph two lines that are perpendicular; the lines use slopes that are negative reciprocals of each other)

After the Activity

As a homework assignment have each student draw a shape on graph paper, using lines. Then, label the lines with the correct equation. Name the shape and give the definition. Explain how the linear equations were used to make the shape.