Education Technology

Reaction Rates

Activity Overview

Student will see how the decomposition of nitrogen dioxide creates nitric oxide and oxygen. Students and/or teacher will use this to demonstrate how you would find the reaction rates using the numbers that are given in the problem, and then maybe using numbers that they obtain on their own with the unit to find rates for other appropriate decompositions.

Before the Activity

Students will use cubic regression to create the equations that fits the scatter plots of the data that is contained in the problem. Some of the features that you will use in this activity will be the cubic regression in the statistic package; tangent to a graph combined with slope measurment, and both scatter plots and function graphs.

During the Activity

Use the attached pdf file and the area in your Chemistry textbook where you teach reaction rates with the following tns files.

After the Activity

Teacher working with the school's Calculus teacher can talk about the fact that the tangent to the curve is used to create the derivative of the original equations.