Education Technology

Regular Polygons - Angle Measurements

Activity Overview

Students will investigate the number of degrees in each polygon with three through ten sides, then develop a formula for the relationship between the number of sides and the sum of the measures of the degrees of the polygons.

Before the Activity

Some prior familiarity with measuring angles and basic functions of the TI-nspire is needed. Students should be able to navigate between pages. Students should be able to use the menu functions on each screen.

Load .tns file “polygons–angles” onto handhelds. Print copies of instructions (polygon-angles) for students. Print polygon chart (REGULAR-POLYGONS-chart) for students.

This activity will cover the first three columns of the chart. The chart can be printed as is or by selecting only the first three columns to print.

During the Activity

Have students follow the instructions in the TNS file and complete the chart.