Education Technology

Bouncing Ball

Activity Overview

In this experiment, students collect the height versus time data of a bouncing ball using the CBR 2™. This activity investigates the values of height, time, and the coefficient A in the quadratic equation, Y = A(X - H)2 + K, which describes the behavior of a bouncing ball. They graph scatter plots, graph and interpret a quadratic function, apply the vertex form of a quadratic equation, and calculate the maximum value of a parabola.

Key Steps

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    Students use a ball and a CBR2 to collect data as the ball bounces using the EasyData App.

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    Students are directed to select one parabolic region to analyze with the Quadratic Fit function in the EasyData App’s Anlyz menu, then the Quadratic Regression command in the CALC menu and finally using the vertex form from the Home Screen and Y= Menu.