Education Technology

Classifying Quadrilaterals

Activity Overview

Students receive two Cabri Jr. files of quadrilaterals on a coordinate plane. They use their knowledge of quadrilaterals to give each one the most precise name. They may find the length and/or slope of the sides using the measuring tools of Cabri Jr. to assist in their classification.

Before the Activity

This activity should be completed after students have learned the properties of various quadrilaterals. Three Cabri Jr. files QUAD1, QUAD2, and QUAD3 will need to be sent to the students calculators either with a graphlink or TI-Navigator.

During the Activity

Instruct the students to open one file at a time and use the measuring tools of Cabri Jr. to help them in classifying the quadrilateral. Have the students sketch the quadrilateral on the grid provided and record all measurements on the worksheet as well. Students should justify their classification in writing based on their findings.

After the Activity

Invite students to share their justifications with the class.