Education Technology

Curve Shifters

Activity Overview

In this activity, students will examine shifting curves horizontally and vertically and stretching and shrinking curves using sliders. Preservice teachers will examine technology issues in teaching and learning mathematics.

Graphing curves is an important aspect of algebraic thinking and connects throughout the mathematics curriculum from algebra to calculus. In this activity, you will examine patterns in the graphs of parabolas in order to graph parabolas and other curves quickly.

Before the Activity

This activity is designed for an Algebra I or Algebra II classroom or pre-service methods course.

  • Each handheld needs the file curveshifters.tns
  • Student handout for each student/group
  • During the Activity

    This activity is best completed in small groups, although individual completion is also appropriate.

  • Student worksheet will guide students through activity and provides a place for students to record their answers.