Education Technology

Peas, Circles & Lines

Activity Overview

In this activity, students will receive a circle and determine how many dried peas will fit on that circle. They will also calculate the area of the circle, and using the data of the entire class, determine if there is a linear association

Before the Activity

This activity requires LearningCheck™ Creator Software. To download the software please visit: LearningCheck
Copy the student activity sheet. Cut out circles of varying radii--2 per group Put peas in a cup or ziploc bag for each group

During the Activity

As you begin this activity, it is a good idea to use a Quick Poll and ask students for the formula for the area of a circle. Once all students have the area of the circle and the number of peas needed to cover the circle, the teacher uses the Activity Center to send the students two lists.
Each student sends in their data, and the teacher sends back the entire set of data to each student. They also view the data together, then graph their data on their calculator and on the activity sheet. If done after students have learned to write equations for lines, each student could pick two points and write an equation and graph that data.
The teacher could screen capture all the possiblilities, and then selectively choose students to submit their line in the Activity Center.

After the Activity

Several extensions are given for differentiation of instruction. This can also be adapted for a Statistics class to discuss correlation. A short LearningCheck quiz is given that can be given as well.