Education Technology

Don't be Scatterbrained about Scatter plots

Activity Overview

This activity will use linear equations to model real-world data. Students will gather data, predict the trend line, and analyze the data to reach the actual linear regression line. Students will use several of the applications on the TI-Nspire handheld.

Before the Activity

You could preload the TNS file on to the handhelds to be used following the completion of the student worksheet. See "During the Activity" for the file.

During the Activity

Data is gathered as a class, then students will complete the students worksheet with the teacher. They will then use this worksheet to complete the student assignment on their own.

After the Activity

After students have completed the student worksheet and the TNS file, they will complete the student assignment on their own or in pairs using the student worksheet as a guide. They will save these files on their handheld until checked by the teacher or as a class.