Education Technology

Geometric Swimming Pools

Activity Overview

Students will design swimming pools in the shape of polygons on grid paper with two vertices given.

Before the Activity

Before the Activity go other the chararcteristics of a square, rectangle, parallolgram, and right triangle. The teacher should set up the navigator activity center so it is ready. Go to the list and highlight group list as a data group. Put in the points (1,1) and (4,2) so they show up on the graph. Then make sure the window setting is set to a standard window. Have the studnet contribute two points, configure it so the x list is L1 and the y list is L2. Also make sure the following three things are highlighted, Display coordinates, student can resubmit, and set background to the students.

During the Activity

Students will then log in and try to create squares, rectangles, parallolgrams, and right triangles with the condition that two of the vertices must be (1,1) and (4,2). Once they have foudn something that works they need to record their answers on the Spaical Worksheet. Use screen capture to show student who have the correct shapes and talk about the ones that are not correct and how changing them would make them correct.

After the Activity

You can extend this and use points (0,0) and (3,2) and have them do the same thing over agian.