Education Technology

FOIL Review

Activity Overview

This activity begins with a review of the FOIL precedure for multiplying binomials. Multiplying the first terms, outside terms, the inside terms and finally the last terms.

Before the Activity

My students would have been taught about multiplying binomials in their 7th grade pre-algebra class so this would be review for them however, I would still go over the procedure and review before starting.

During the Activity

This activity begins with a review of the FOIL procedure for multiplying binomials. My students had this introduced as 7th grade students and I use this as a review when we begin this concept as 8th graders in Algebra I. The lesson begins in Activity Center . The students are given a pair of binomials to multiply: Ex.: (x+1)(x+2) They are then asked to send the equation, that results from the FOILing, using Activity Center. We compare the different graphs that are sent and discuss why they look different?if all the graphs look the same your students probably do not need this review. We compare both the equations sent and the graphs that resulted and discuss what is happening and why certain equations graph certain ways. This process continues until you feel that the graphs are coming up on the screen as the same graphs and that the students seem to have mastered this concept. We spend the entire class period on this the first day. After that we will return to this procedure for several days in a row and then come back to it occasionally to keep the skill sharp, but only as a segment of the class, not an entire lesson.

After the Activity

To check for knowledge I have the students complete the learn check. I make sure that they know they need to use the ^ key to enter the exponents for this Learn Check.