Education Technology

CWF: The Possibility of Freedom for Slaves

Activity Overview

Students use the LearningCheck(tm) App to analyze a series of source documents regarding Dunmore's Proclamation (1775) offering freedom to any slave willing to fight for the British army. They will analyze Virginians' reaction to the proclamation.

Before the Activity

See the attached Activity PDF file for detailed instructions for this activity.

Print the appropriate pages from the Activity for your class.

Install the LearningCheck(tm) App on the students' graphing calculators following the attached instructions.

During the Activity

  • Distribute the appropriate pages from the Activity to your class
  • Distribute the LearningCheck(tm) file(s) to your class using TI Connect(tm) and the appropriate TI Connectivity cable
  • Follow the procedures outlined in the Activity

  • Students will:
  • Analyze primary source documents to complete an issue analysis.
  • Explain how Dunmore's Proclamation challenged the institution of slavery.
  • Identify the potential consequences of Dunmore's Proclamation for all the parties involved: black and white, British and Virginian.
  • After the Activity


    1. Conduct a whole-class discussion using the following question as the prompt: Did reading Dunmore's Proclamation and/or the letter to the Virginia Gazette regarding the proclamation influence your thinking about the American Revolution, either positively or negatively?

    2. Have students open the ASSESS LearningCheck(tm) file. Have each student assume one of the following roles and write a paragraph identifying actions they would take regarding Dunmore's Proclamation. Students must defend their choice(s).
  • A fence-sitter
  • A patriot slave owner
  • A loyalist slave owner
  • A black adult male slave
  • A black adult female slave