Education Technology

Drawing 3-Dimensional Figures

Activity Overview

In this activity, students learn to draw a three-dimensional figure using Isometric Dots in the Explorer Draw App™ on the calculator. They also find the area and volume of a rectangular prism.

Before the Activity

  • Install the Explorer Draw App application on the calculator using the TI Connect™ , TI Connectivity Cable, and Unit-to-Unit Link Cable

  • Set up the calculator as explained in the activity
  • See the attached PDF file for detailed instructions for this activity
  • Print the pages from the attached PDF file for the class
  • During the Activity

    Distribute the pages to the class.

    Follow the Activity procedures:

  • Create an ISO file, and notice a grid of dots appears on the screen
  • Use the Draw command to draw line segments connecting points on the grid
  • Draw a rectangular prism with dimensions 2 units by 3 units by 3 units
  • Find volume and surface area of the prism
  • Answer questions at the end of the activity
  • After the Activity

    Review student results:

  • As a class, discuss questions that appeared to be more challenging
  • Re-teach concepts as necessary