Education Technology

Plotting a Normal Curve

Activity Overview

This activity introduces students to the graph of the normal curve and the affect of changing the standard deviation on the shape of the graph. Students, with the aid of their TI calculators and TI-Navigator system, each find ten random numbers from a normal distribution whose mean is 12 and whose standard deviation is 2. They send their results to the teacher's computer where they are plotted in a histogram.

Before the Activity

The teacher should make copies of the student worksheet for each student. The teacher should determine whether the students need any additional instruction or background information aside from what is provided on the worksheet. Each student needs a TI-83 Each student will need a TI-83 Plus (operating system 1.19 or higher) or TI-84 Plus (operating system 2.40 or higher) loaded with the applications LearnChk, NavNet, θAlgACT, and θnavstk. The teacher needs a TI-Navigator system with 3.0 software and a data projector.

During the Activity

After students complete the discussion questions in small groups, there should be a short class discussion to bring the class together.

After the Activity

Once the activity is over, the class should review and discuss the implications of their findings.