Education Technology

Comparing Two Means

Activity Overview

In this activity, students will test hypotheses concerning means of two populations. They calculate the test statistic and the critical values and then graph the critical region and plot the value of the test statistic.

Key Steps

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    The TI-Nspire document leads students through the steps for inference testing of two means. Self-check questions are included to help students go through each step, pausing to check their work. Remind students that the steps are the same as for other inference testing.

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    Students are given general directions in the .tns file to graph the critical region. On page 1.14, students need to graph f1(x) = tPdf(x, 94) and choose an appropriate window.

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    Students are given two data sets from on 3/11/09. The sets are simple random samples from the East and West conferences of the NBA. Students are asked to determine if the mean field goal percentage for the conferences are not significantly different.