Education Technology

Understanding Graphs of Linear Inequalities

Activity Overview

Students will explore graphs of linear inequalities and determine how to graph an inequality and use the correct vocabulary to describe the graph.

During the Activity

Teacher preparation:
This activity is designed to be used in an Algebra I classroom prior to graphing linear inequalities by hand. Students should know how to drag a point, and copy and edit a previous entry on a calculator page.

Classroom management tips:
Students may work in pairs or independently. Four problems are set up in the TNS file so that when students edit the document, they do not have to edit the inequality symbol:
Problem 2 - less than or equal to
Problem 3 - less than
Problem 4 - greater than or equal to
Problem 5 - greater than

After the Activity

Activity Extension:
Students could graph two inequalities on the same coordinate plane and test coordinates in each region.