Education Technology


Activity Overview

Students learn about each of the four types of random sampling methods and use the randInt command to find each kind of sample from a given population.

Key Steps

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    Students explore random sampling in problem 1. They discuss populations, samples, and what it means for a sample to be representative of the population.

    Students move on and learn four types of probability samples. They will use the random integer command to randomly selected 8 people for a sample.

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    Students discuss a stratified random sample, often just called a stratified sample.

    They will find a random sample of 12 people from a list, where half are men and half are women. After discussing why this method would produce a disproportionate sample, students will use the random integer command to select a proportionate sample.

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    Students will also use the random integer command to simulate selecting a sample using cluster sampling and systematic sampling. At the end of this activity, students distinguish between the types of probability sampling methods.