Education Technology

Give Me Five

Activity Overview

In this activity, students will discuss and describe the center and spread of a univariate data set by way of a five number summary and visually by a box & whisker diagram. Students will then apply this knowledge to real life applications to enhance their ability to understand this math in statistical data analysis.


  • Students will organize data and find the Five Number Summary.
  • Students will use their handhelds to verify the data analysis that have produced by hand.
  •  Students will interpret their data analysis using the visual of a Box and Whisker diagram


  • Outlier
  • Quartile
  • Inter-Quartile Range
  • Five Number Summary
  • Box and Whisker Diagram

About the Lesson

A univariate set of data is a list of numbers that describes the different value of a variable characteristic across a range of different units.  This activity is a great time to lead your students through the process of entering the data on their handheld and showing them how to analyze and discuss both the Five Number Summary and a Box and Whisker Plot. 

*Note: This activity includes optional IB support, including the IB Questions download for students who are preparing for the IB Exam.