Education Technology

Exploring Special Right Triangles

Activity Overview

In this acvtivity, a 30-60-90 degree triangle is constructed for the student to explore. The student is asked to construct a 60 degree angle to give them an understanding of the construction. They will drag the vertex of the triangle and collect sample data. After they collect the data it is used on a calculator page to to explore the relationship between the side oppsite the 30 degree angle and the hypotenuse and the side opposite the 60 degree angle and the hypotenuse. Questions are then presented.

Before the Activity

The class will have looked at simple trigonmetric functions and have some familiarity with constructions.

During the Activity

In this activity the students are given directions on how to cut information from the page where they collect data and how to paste it onto a calculator page. If students are not "tech savy", the teacher might want to have them record the numbers on paper to use later.

After the Activity

Post-activity should be an extension to the 45-45-90.