Education Technology

Cellular Respiration

Activity Overview

In this activity, students will use a carbon dioxide gas sensor to measure the rate at which non-germinating and germinating peas undergo cellular respiration. Students also investigate the influence of temperature on the rate of cellular respiration.


  • Observe reactants and products of cellular respiration
  • Determine factors that influence the rate of cellular respiration


About the Lesson

The following questions will guide student exploration during this activity:

  • What are the products of cellular respiration?
  • How could you measure the rate of cellular respiration?
  • How might temperature affect cellular respiration?

  • Students will investigate the rate at which CO2 is produced by non-germinating and germinating peas. Students will plot data and use a linear regression to determine the rates of cellular respiration. They will also investigate how CO2 production is affect by germinating peas in hot and cold environments. Finally, students will draw conclusions about variables that affect cellular respiration rates.