Education Technology

Tables and Linear Relationships

Activity Overview

This is a beginner level activity that I used in the first week of school. It is a simple activity in which students identify a consistent change in both x and y and then insert a line to match the data. Students then use either the Spreadsheet or the graph in order to predict what the next labeled point on the graph would be. The keystrokes are simple and an additional goal is to become comfortable with the handheld and to begin learning some of the keystrokes.

Before the Activity

Load the "1.1TablesandLinearEquations.tns" file onto all of the student handhelds. Students should be able to use the student worksheet and progress through the activity at their own rate. There is little advance preparation since this is designed to be a first time hands-on experience for the students

During the Activity

Since this is a first time experience for students, you will need to provide instruction on the basic keystrokes needed.