Education Technology

Order of Operations

Activity Overview

To begin, generate four random numbers that students must use each of the first 3 numbers one time each to get the fourth one. They can add, subtract, multiply, divide, take roots, powers or apply any other math operation. Since there are different ways to get the solutions, teacher will allow five minutes for each exercise. The student's work must be shown in the calculator.

Before the Activity

Teacher must have a projector and the TI-nspire emulator ready.

During the Activity

All students must have a graphic calculator to solve the exercise generated by the teacher's calculator.

List of TI-Nspire and/or TI-Nspire CAS applications used during this activity
Teacher projects some examples to explain what he/she is expecting from the students.

After the Activity

The Calculator generates four random numbers between 1 and 25 and students organize the first 3 along with math operations to obtain the 4th number. Students must use the Calculator to generate a sequence of operations in able to use the first three numbers and get the fourth one