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Forensics with TI-Nspire™ - Case File: Ashes to Ashes

Updated on 05/07/2014

Activity Overview

In this activity, students will learn that evaporation rate is a characteristic property of a liquid. Based on this fact, they will identify the solution and the likely accelerant in a case of arson.



  • Identify the likely accelerant in an arson investigation
  • Identify a solution based on evaporation rate
  • Understand that evaporation rate is a characteristic property of a liquid

About the Lesson

  • In this data-gathering activity, students will determine an accelerant used in a case of arson, and tie it to a suspect carrying that type of accelerant.
  • Students will collect data using the Vernier EasyTemp® .
  • The student activity sheet and .tns file contain the complete instructions for data collection. All assessment questions are also included in both places giving you the flexibility to either collect the .tns files with student data/answers (using TI-Nspire Navigator) or the student activity sheet.