Education Technology

Periodic Transformations

Activity Overview

Students will use amplitude, frequency, phase and vertical shifts to match graphs of perodic functions.

Before the Activity

Transfer the TI-nspire™ document to the students' calculators. Students have been working on transforming periodic functions for a few days. They may need a quick review. It may be helpful to open the document together and read over the first page as a class. Then review how to get around within the document.

During the Activity

Walk around the room observing and commenting on student work. Encourage students to compare each others function equations and notice that there is more than one way to match a periodic function. Ask them why they think that is true.

After the Activity

Have students plug their TI-nspire into the overhead panel and share with one another the functions they wrote to match each graph. Ask if anyone has a different match for the same graph. Encourage students use the language of periodic transformations to explain how they found each function.