Education Technology

Construction of the Lute of Pythagoras to investigate polynomials

Activity Overview

The student will construct the Lute of Pythagoras and investigate the many geometric shapes created.

Before the Activity

Begin by reviewing the characteristics of a regular pentagon, including the number of sides, angle measurements of both central and between the sides. Need to make copies of worksheet for each student.

A WMV showing the construction is available (40 MB) by contacting author. It is also available at

There is another video showing the construction of a pentagon too.

During the Activity

Pause after each phase of the construct to complete the worksheet at the end of the document file.

Can use the Nspire document provided as a guide.

After the Activity

Have students share the kinds and number of shapes they discovered.
Use copies of the "Lute" to have students create their own designs by selecting shapes to color differently.
Use the designs above to create a stained glass window.