Education Technology

Parallel Lines

Activity Overview

This lesson allows students to explore what parallel lines are and how the equations for parallel lines relate to each other.

Before the Activity

The students need to recognize what parallel means. Thye do this by seeing examples and then by working in groups to find additional examples throughout the school. They collect these examples using the digital cameras and we then use these for backgrounds in Activity Center.

During the Activity

This lesson begins by sending the students out to find things that show parallel lines, they collect these pictures with digital cameras. These backgrounds as well as the ones attached can be used as background files in Activity Center. I have found that pictures of stairs, shutters, and siding of houses work well for examples of parallel. Once the pictures are loaded you need to reinforce what parallel is, (just in case there is a student who isn?t quite sure), and identify the parts of the background picture that represents parallel. I work together with the group to decide what our first equation will be that runs along one of the lines in the picture. We place that line on the picture and identify it by using a purple line, (any color will do). After that the students add the next line on the picture there is discussion on what they did to calculate the line and how it relates to the original equation that we wrote. In the following pictures I have the students submit 2 equations at one time. When we first start the activity we will alternate who submits their lines so that it is less confusing than having a whole class of lines on the screen at once. As the lesson progresses you will vary these requirements depending on your students.

After the Activity

As a follow up to the activity we will continue to check the concept by having a background loaded and the students will submit the equations for a quick check of understanding, this can take place at the beginning of the next couple of classes. Make sure to discuss any incorrect equations and correct any misconceptions. I usually continue to follow up for several days and then use the backgrounds occasionally as a review.