Education Technology

Testing Claims About Proportions

Activity Overview

Students find z-scores and critical values to test claims about proportions. To verify the results, they find P-values by either finding the area under the curve with the Integral tool, or by using the 1-Prop z Test command.

Key Steps

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    Students investigate claims that 10% of Americans are left-handed. They begin by making the null and alternative hypotheses. Then, students will calculate the the z-score and critical value.

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    Once students determine whether they will reject or fail to reject the claims, they will find the P-value and verify graphically. They will use the Integral tool to find the area under the curve beyond the test statistic. Because the test is two-tailed, this value is doubled to find the P-value.

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    Next, students will investigate a number cube to determine whether the number cube is loaded or fair. Students will also investigate claims about the number of households who have a cat and the number of households who have a dog.