Education Technology

NCTE: Exploring Narrative Composition

Activity Overview

Students give thought to the fact that the money in their pockets has had many homes. As such, students participate in a class discussion on this topic.

Before the Activity

See the attached Activity PDF file for detailed instructions for this activity.

Print the appropriate pages from the Activity for your class.

Install the NoteFolio(tm) App on the students' graphing calculators following the attached instructions.

Make an overhead transparency from the Teacher Guide included at the end of this activity, "Thoughts on Money." Ensure that students have their devices and keyboards ready for recording information. Students will be taking notes in class in a new NoteFolio(tm) file. If necessary, review the process for displaying a new NoteFolio(tm) file using the procedure supplied in this activity.

During the Activity

  • Distribute the appropriate pages from the Activity to your class
  • Distribute the NoteFolio(tm) file(s) to your class using TI Connect(tm) and the appropriate TI Connectivity cable
  • Follow the procedures outlined in the Activity

  • Students will:
  • Write a narrative based on experience that uses descriptive language and detail, and effectively presents a sequence of events and reveals a theme.
  • Speak from notes or an outline, and relate an experience in descriptive detail with a sense of timing and decorum appropriate to the occasion.
  • Share brief impromptu remarks about topics of interest to oneself and others.
  • After the Activity

    Instruct students to record the $1 bill's travel itinerary in a new NoteFolio(tm) file on their graphing handheld. When the file is complete, they should save it for future reference. Students may want to refer to it for inspiration during the next activity.