Education Technology

Exploring Hooke's Law

Activity Overview

Students will conduct experiment to determine the spring constant of a spring scale and interpret data to find a linear fit for the data points.

Before the Activity

This lab can be conducted either pre or post lecture. Students will be given the following materials: spring scale, 3 masses and ruler.

Each student places a mass onto the spring scale and measures the displacement of the spring. The student will record the displacement and the force, which is the product of mass and gravity. Repeat the steps for two additional masses and record on paper.

During the Activity

Launch the activity below.

Send Form for students to insert data. Displacement is L1 and force is L2. Each student will send their three results.

Send List from existing activity settings. Students will be provided L1 and L2 for data extraction.

Walk students through finding a liner regression equation for the set of points. Each student should graph the equation on the calculator.

Send Equations to collect from students. Once all students have sent their equations, stop activity and discuss slope and its relationship with the spring constant.

After the Activity

Allow students to repeat the process with additional spring scales. If possible, use multiple scales at a time to determine how the spring constant is affected.