Education Technology

Solving Equations with a Calculator? No Way!

Activity Overview

This activity will take students through the process of solving equations. Students will solve one step equations, review notation presented to them by the calculator, and truly discover the results of undoing an equation.

Before the Activity

It is imperative (in my opinion) that this is not the first time students are learning how to solve one-step equations. Ideally this activity is done after students are pretty familiar with solving one step equations, however, they do not have to be proficient before they start and, as a matter of fact, I would prefer my students were not proficient when we undertake this activity.
No specific prep is required. However, I recommend that the teacher complete this activity before giving it to students and think about specific questions that their students will pose.

During the Activity

I recommend that students be placed in groups of two so that they can compare and contrast their experiences with solving equations.