Education Technology

Solving Absolute Values

Activity Overview

The students will use a StudyCards™ stack to learn how to solve absolute value equations and inequalities. Later, they will learn how to use the calculator graphing capabilities to solve the same type of problems in a new way.

Before the Activity

Before the activity, students must know how to solve basic equations and inequalities. You may introduce solving absolute values in class as a large group, or use the StudyCards stack. At some point, there must be some instruction, and some guided practice.

During the Activity

Students must be able to demonstrate the solving BY HAND of the absolute value equations and inequalities. Then, they may work through the worksheet about how to use the calculator to solve these problems.

After the Activity

After the activity, students should be able to demonstrate competency in solving absolute value equations and inequalities in a variety of ways. A Learning Check may be used to assess, or a pencil-and-paper quiz may be given.