Education Technology

Key Features of a Parabola

Activity Overview

The purpose of this activity is to identify ordered pairs from the graphs of parabolas rising from applications, and to interpret their meaning. The graphs will be generated from their equations using the TI-Nspire technology.

Before the Activity

The teacher will run off handouts for the four different stations that students rotate through. In addition, the teacher will provide each student with the handout Demo: Key Features of a Parabola that gives step by step instructions for the skills required for this activity.

During the Activity

It is suggested that the lesson begin with a teacher directed demonstration using TI-Nspire™ and the overhead palette to review, or show for the first time, how to graph a quadratic equation on a Graphs & Geometry page and from the graph use the features of TI-Nspire to adjust the window settings and generate specific ordered pairs (See Demo: Key Features of a Parabola). As ordered pairs are recorded, discuss with students what the values of the ordered pairs mean relative to the given context.

Once the demo is complete students will be divided into groups and go to their assigned stations.

After the Activity

Following the activity, students should submit their completed activity sheets. Results from these submissions will allow the teacher to see which students need additional coaching on the concepts covered.

Answers to student questions provided in the document: Key Features of a Parabola_Solutions