Education Technology

Exploring Functions

Activity Overview

Students will explore functions and identify domain and range using graphs, equations, and function tables. This activity was created for students who have had a lesson of functions and have some basic knowledge of TI-Nspire technology.

Before the Activity

The teacher should make sure each student has a copy of the TI-Nspire document as well as the student handout. The teacher may also want to review the lesson and make sure they know the key sequence for each step of the activity.  

During the Activity

During the activity the teacher may want to choose places within the lesson (maybe after each problem set) to stop students and have a whole class discussion. If students do not understand the first set of problems, they may not be successful on subsequent questions.

After the Activity

The activity includes a lot of vocabulary terms related to functions. Teachers could use the terms included in the activity to have a short quiz. In addition, students can complete the provided extension activity where they create their own function.