Education Technology

Exploring transformations of the Absolute Value Function

Activity Overview

Using both TI InterActive!™ and TI-Navigator™, students become familiar with transforming the absolute value function y = A | x - B| + C.

Before the Activity

Use the attached TI InterActive! files to allow students to explore the absolute value function y = A|x - B| + C. Discuss how the values of A, B, and C affect the graph.

During the Activity

Once students have a good understanding of the absolute value function from the previous TI InterActive! exploration and investigation, use TI-Navigator to play "What's My Equation Game" where the teacher puts an absolute value equation on the screen and sends an empty Y1 in the Activity Center for students to submit their equations.
Start with simple equations and move to more complicated ones. Once students are getting comfortable with various absolute value equations, move to the attached TI-Navigator files to have them find equations to match the outline of the pictures.
For the rhombodail signs, have students sitting as partners where the person on the left does the shape on the top and the person on the right does the bottom.
Four different files are attached to use as you would like.

After the Activity

Once students get the idea, have them log into the system at the beginning of class and put up one of the .act files and have them find the equation as a warmup.
I have a few more files so email me if you need more but it is fun to create your own. Also send me some if you find better ones.