Education Technology

Solving Linear Equations and Inequalities

Activity Overview

Students will explore some of the basic functions of the TI-Nspire as they explore linear equations and one variable inequalities. Students will use graphing to validate algebraic solutions to equations and inequalities.

Before the Activity

Teachers should make sure each student has a copy of the .tns file in their handheld or on each computer prior to class. Students should also have a copy of the handout. This is a teacher-led activity for students who have had limited experience with the TI-Nspire. The teacher should review the lesson and make sure they are familiar with the key sequence.

During the Activity

Teachers should guide students through the activity and stop periodically to provide directions and comments on the lesson.

After the Activity

At the close of the activity teachers should review the connections that students should have seen between graphing two individual equations or inequalities versus converting two equations/inequalities to a one variable statement and finding a solution. Students should also see a connection when finding an intersection point of two equations on the graph to finding one solution to a one variable equation made from two separate equations.