Education Technology

Budgets, Spreadsheets, and Functions

Activity Overview

Purchasing agents are required to stay within a budget, while purchasing a sufficient number of items for resale. Computer spreadsheets with imbedded functions allow exploration of the number and types of items that can be purchased within the budget. In this activity, students will analyze data and determine the optimum number of items for purchase while staying within strict guidelines.

Before the Activity

Mathematical concepts in this activity should already be in place, so insuring a basic understanding of the handheld is sufficient.

During the Activity

Using TI-Nspire Lists and Spreadsheets, choose items to purchase for resale. Choose exactly 100 items, choosing at least 4 of each item. Your total purchase should come as close as possible to $7,999.99 without going over.

After the Activity

More than one solution is possible. One solution is provided.