Education Technology

Eighteen Flavors

Activity Overview

I used one of Marilyn Burns' activities out of her book Math and Literature and built TI technology around it.
Students will measure the height of a paper ice cream cone with one scoop of ice cream, then two scoops, three scoops, four, five and so on. They try to find a general approach for determining height of a cone with any number of scoops.
Then using n to represent any number of scoops, students will determine the equation for the height of the cone.

Before the Activity

  • Obtain a copy of Shel Silverstein’s poem Eighteen Flavors and read it to your students.
  • During the Activity

  • Have the students cut out their cone and scoops.
  • Have them measure and record their information in lists (observe this process closely making sure that the kids are factoring in a squish factor)
  • Have students graph the information and determine the slope of the line and its Y-intercept with and without the calculator.
  • After the Activity

    Student handout should be reviewed for completion and understanding of the concepts for the objective. Students should provide a write-up of the activity that explains a step-by-step approach to their thoughts.
    My students, even though they are 14, tend to want to color the ice cream cones and hang them.