Education Technology

Construction of a Kite and Investigating Its Properties

Activity Overview

This is a Cabri Jr.™ activity detailing with how to construct a kite and investigating the following properties:

  1. The angles formed by the non-congruent sides are congruent.
  2. The diagonals are perpendicular.
  3. The diagonals split the kite into four right triangles where two sets of the triangles are congruent.
  4. The diagonal between the non-congruent angles bisects the kite into two congruent triangles.

During the Activity

This activity is provides step by step instruction on how to construct a kite using the Cabri Jr™ application on the TI-84 family of calculators. Then it provides step-by-step instructions for investigating the properties of the kite. All students will need is a copy of the activity and a calculator with the Cabri Jr. application.