Education Technology

Quadratic Unit Activity #5: Scavenger Hunt #1

Activity Overview

Students are to use whatever technology they have to take pictures or find images that are quadratic. The images are then put in a .tns file for them to find the equations. You may use my file by deleting the images and inserting your own. If you do not have the capability to do that, I have provided a file for you. This is the first of two scavenger hunt files.

Before the Activity

If you are going to do the scavenger part, you have to instruct the students to either take pictures or find images and get them to you. (I had them email them to me.) Then either create your own file or modify mine. I did not include a worksheet since I had my students write down their equations on a piece of paper. If you can not do the scavenger part, then I have attached the first file for you.

During the Activity

Students may work on this activity in groups, individually, and/or as a demonstration for the whole class.

After the Activity

To check for understanding, students can report out the equations they found for the images.