Education Technology

Solving Proportions

Activity Overview

This activity allows students to reason about ratio tables, which helps their understanding of what a ratio describes in a context and what quantities in equivalent ratios have in common.

About the Lesson

This TI-Nspire™ lesson uses students’ understanding of proportional relationships to solve problems. Proportions are tools for solving a variety of problems with two variables involved in a proportional relationship. Students need to examine situations carefully to determine if they describe a proportional relationship.

Prior to working on this lesson, students should understand:

  • how to represent proportional relationships between quantities using tables, graphs, diagrams, and equations;
  • how to determine whether two quantities are in a proportional relationship;
  • how to identify the dependent and independent variables for a given context and understand how they are interpreted in a graph.

This is Lesson 12 out of 15 in the Building Concepts in Mathematics: Ratios and Proportional Relationships Series