Education Technology

Doin' the TI Two-Step - Solving Equations

Activity Overview

In this activity, students solve two-step and multi-step equations using inverse operations. They are guided through choosing which operation should be done first. They are even prompted to try an operation or two that is not necessarily an ideal first choice, to see what results.

The objective of the activity is to enable students to decide the sequential order in which inverse operations should be carried out. Students are directed to record the steps and results on the worksheet handout.

Before the Activity

Prior to the start of this activity, students should be able to perform equation-solving with one-step linear equations containing negative integer coefficients and constants, as well as fractional and decimal values. Two-step and multi-step linear equations with integer and rational coefficients and constants are included in the problem set.

Each equation contains a different alphabetic variable, to promote ease of reference when discussing problems and recording results.

Screenshots in the Two-Step Teacher Guide include frames from the TwoStep.tns file, before it has been filled in by the student, AND frames from the TwoStepAns.tns file, which is completed as the student's submitted document.

During the Activity

This activity is intended to be completed individually, but with students arranged in pairs or small groups, to allow for discussion of procedure choices and student reasoning.

A separate student worksheet is provided (.doc and .pdf formats for editing if desired): Two-StepWorksheet.doc or Two-StepWorksheet.pdf, for the student to record equation-solving steps as they progress through the activity.

Students are directed to perform a SAVE AS operation at the completion of the activity, using LASTNAME-2STEP as their individual filenames, for ease of assessment.

After the Activity

Refer to students worksheets to assess their recorded work and answers. Use the TwoStepAns.tns file as a guide, allowing for some minor variations.

Have students upload documents from their TI-Nspire handhelds to a classroom computer on which TI-Nspire Computer link software is installed, or save all to a single handheld for teacher assessment.