Education Technology

Geometry Warm-ups for STAAR / EOC assessment in Texas

Activity Overview

These exercises are written as tns files to be used with TI-Nspire Navigator as warm-ups for a Geometry class that focus on the five categories of the STAAR assessment in Texas (1-Geometric Structure, 2-Geometric Patterns and Representations, 3-Dimensionality and the Geometry of Location, 4-Congruence and the Geometry of Size, and 5-Similarity and the Geometry of Shape). They include a description of the objectives addressed, a multiple-choice question, and a corresponding image.

These exercises are to be used as warm-ups before starting the corresponding geometry lesson and they should be sent to students using TI-Nspire Navigator and either as Quick Poll questions or Learn Check documents. The results could be saved in the individual students' portfolio and used later as review material before an exam.