Education Technology

Solve Me - One and Two-Step Inequalities

Activity Overview

Students will use the TI-Nspire CAS to check their steps used to solve one and two-step inequalities. They will also use the solve feature to verify that they have the correct solution at the end of each problem. While solving inequalities, many students make careless mistakes with simplifying and this activity helps students check each step of the inequalities instead of waiting to the end of the problem to check the solution.

Before the Activity

This activity offers students the opportunity to catch careless mistakes while using inverse operations to solve one- and two-step inequalities. Students will solve the following inequalities with paper and pencil. After each step, students will verify that the operation used is the appropriate inverse operation or if they made an arithmetic error. Students should be familiar with how to solve one and two-step inequalities before completing this activity.

During the Activity

View the activity file for step-by-step directions for the activity.

After the Activity

View the activity file for assessments/evaluations and activity extensions.