Education Technology

Order Pears

Activity Overview

In this activity, students will interactively investigate ordered pairs. They will graphically explore the coordinates of a point on a Cartesian plane, identifying characteristics of a point corresponding to the coordinate. Students will plot ordered pairs of a function, list these in a table of values, and graph them in a scatter plot.

Key Steps

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    In this short activity, students explore an ordered pair on the coordinate plane. Then they will answer self-check questions about the quadrant of a specific point and general combinations of positive and negative ordered pairs. Students will plot points with letters on the coordinate plane and when correctly plotted will reveal a phrase.

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    Students will then given a function for the cost of ordering pears. They will enter ordered pairs into and spreadsheet and observe the pattern as the ordered pairs appear in a scatter plot. Then students will add the line y=x and rotate it so the line passes through the ordered pairs, noting the slope.