Education Technology

Repeated skip counting and multiplication

Activity Overview

Students will explore how to write equivalent repeated addition and multiplication number sentences with the aid of calculators.

Before the Activity

Students will begin the lesson by reviewing adding 3 digit addends.

Students can use the calculator to find the sums as a warm up.

Then explain to students that one meaning of multiplication is repeated addition.

They are arranged in equal groups.

Introduce the students to an addtion sentence and a multiplication sentence. (2+2+2+2=8/2x4=8) Explain that when groups are equal, we can multiply to find the total.

The multiplication sentence is a shorter way of writing the addition sentence.

Emphasize that the x in the multiplication sentence means times and explain that the answer is called the product.

During the Activity

With a partner students' will explore how skip counting and multiplication are similar using the calculator to find the sum and products.

The classroom is divided up into stations. Each station has equal groups of counter.

The students will receive ten minutes in each station.

With a partner, the students will use the calculator to add the groups together to find the sum.

Then the students will multiply the number of counters in each group by how many groups there are to find the product.

Students will then discuss their observations in each station.

Students will then write an addition and multiplication sentence on their activity sheet.

When time is up, the students will rotate to the next station until all stations are completed.

After the Activity

Students will meet together as a class and discuss results of the stations.

Students will talk about what they observed and connections made.

Students will explain how the calculator aided them in comparing how repeated addition and multiplication are similar.

Students will then write and draw pictures for a repeated addition sentence and a matching multiplication sentence to check for understanding and remediation needs

Assigned a homework as added practice.