Education Technology

Guess how I moved the graph!

Activity Overview

Finding the equation of the common functions by looking at the graph and applying what they know about translations and transformations.

Before the Activity

Before implementing this activity, make sure that the students know the 8 common functions and what the shape of their graphs look like.

1. Constant Functions
2. Linear Functions
3. Quadratic Functions
4. Cubic Functions
5. Absolute Value Functions
6. Square Root Functions
7. Exponential Functions
8. Logarithmic Functions

During the Activity

Divide the class into groups of 4. Each group will have one graphing calculator connected to the TI-Navigator system. The other 3 graphing calculator can be used to test their equations.
1. The teacher will have one graph of absolute value functions and asked the students to send in the correct equation for the graph. See absolute value.act
2. Whichever group can send the correct answer first will then act as the ?host? and send in a function (use contribute equation) that they will ask other groups to find the equation. If there are different equations sent in, have a little discussion on how they got their equations.